Friday, September 18, 2009

new look

I updated the background. :) I hope that everyone likes the new look.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One addiction down

I just wanted to share that Arabel is officially bottle free. :) We have managed to finally find a sippy cup that she likes and will drink out of consistantly. I am going to say that I am happy we broke her bottle habit before she was 17 months. Which is pretty good considering she never used a pacifier, her bottle was a comfort item. The bottles are being packed up and put away. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Some more wedding pictures

These are ones that I stole from Bob and Tracy. :) Thanks guys. As you can see from the pictures Emma was clearly waiting for her boring parents to leave, so she could party it up.

This was taken right after the ceremony. I wish didn't have that goofy face in this picture. I think it is perfect otherwise. (From left to right: Caity, Blake, Jordan, me, Arabel, Tristan, Emma and Rob.) That is only half of the kids. :)
dancing with Caity and Kelly
Bri and Em
dancing with the bride
Bri, Tracy and Em
dancing with Tracy
I think she might have been getting a smidge tired. :)
Jordan, Lauren, Tristan and E

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding pictures

We all headed out early yesterday morning and was on our way to Traverse City. We had a wedding to attend. I was nervous as this would be the first wedding that either girl would be attending. Arabel lasted a total of maybe 5 minutes before Rob took her out the sanctuary. Emma was clearing not enjoying the fact that she had to be quiet. :) I don't have many pictures of Emma, but I am expecting some from family. Arabel decided to be the inappropriate talker during the blessing and all the toasts. It was so hard not to laugh and encourage her. She learned to say "shh" and put her finger to her lips though. When Rob and I headed back to the gorgeous hotel with Arabel, Emma stayed at the reception. Apparently, after we left she was pretty much a dancing machine. I was really bummed that our time away was so short. Our hotel was amazing. We stayed at Tamarack Lodge and the amenities were awesome. We had a FULL kitchen and a washer/dryer in our room.

A couple pictures of our room: including the amazing view of Grand Traverse Bay.

Arabel walking down the hall to go to the wedding.
At the reception. I had to keep taking pictures, she was actually cooperating with me. :)

Rob & I

Aunt Jordan & Belle dancing

Emma in the bay before we left
Belle in the sand