Thursday, June 16, 2011

apologies and brags

I apologize about the severe lack of posts. I looked at the blog the other day and was kind of embarrassed that it had been so many months. Since it has been so long I have lots of fun updates and brags.

First about Emma. She has recently requested that she be called Emmy spelled E-M-M-Y because she likes having 4 letters. I am happy to oblige at least it was a decent nick name rather than something completely unrelated to her actual name. :) Emmy is officially a first grader!! She left kindergarten with a bang! I just opened her last report card to learn that the books she was reading at the end of the year are 2nd grade reading level. She met or exceeded all expectations and we couldn't be prouder of her fantastic work ethic and hard work this year. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer in her classroom at least once a week, volunteer for school events, go on field trips & generally be there as a helping hand. We were very blessed with an amazing teacher, Mrs. Brace. I only hope that they are able to maintain a fantastic relationship as she grows older.

Emmy also lost her first tooth! The tooth fairy even let her keep her tooth & gave her $5! I hear that the tooth fairy gives more money for the first tooth these days. I remember getting $0.50!

Arabel is stubborn and hilarious. She is as smart as a whip. I think having an older sister has helped! She knows most of her letters and some of their sounds. She can definitely identify numbers up to ten. (Thanks Nick Jr. & Disney Jr.) Arabel has quite the artistic streak in her as well. She makes the greatest pictures. :) Now, if we could just master potty training I would be ecstatic! She has started speaking as if she were a ring master of a circus. Arabel starts sentences with a rousing "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..." proceeds with whatever she is doing and then ends with a gigantic bow.

Never a dull moment.