Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Since I updated the pictures yesterday, I thought that I would update everyone on what everyone is doing.

Rob and I have been searching for a new place to live. We have outgrown our apartment and are itching for a yard (and storage space). I will keep everyone in the loop when we decide to move. Keep your fingers crossed we find somewhere that we like.

Arabel: She is growing so fast. I forgot how quickly kids learn and grow between birth and two. Arabel doesn't say much, unless you aren't paying attention. She doesn't like to talk to us, but talks to herself all the time. She is starting to use words more now, which is fun. Her vocabulary is huge, you just have to catch her when she isn't talking to you. :) On Christmas day she threw Rob and I for a loop and counted from 1-9, clear as day. (Thank you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)

Emma: She is very excited to be starting school in the fall. She is so ready to be in that type of environment. Emma has recently started pouring her own drinks and making her own sandwiches, so she helps with lunch quite a bit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

pictures galore

Here are some pictures for you. :)

Pictures from the Christmas card shoot:

Rob's Graduation:

Emma's birthday party, on her new bike.

Emma's birthday at Peacock Road Tree Farm:
taking the train to the North Pole
meeting Santa for the first time
Arabel meeting Santa
hot cocoa at the campfire

Thursday, January 14, 2010

apologies... and lessons learned

I have been terrible about pictures. I apologize. I have been very busy, as have the rest of the clan. I covered the boss's vacation so I clocked a TON of hours in a nine day span. The girls have been busy playing with the 4,000 different toys they received for Christmas and Emma's birthday. That doesn't even include the new clothes. I guess I am pretty lucky that my 5 year old still is excited about clothes. What I am not excited about?? The fact that she changes her outfits 4 times a day. :)

Today Arabel learned a valuable lesson... we do not hit. It is a good thing that I was standing right next to her... or Emma may have learned the lesson called... let's get stitches. Here is the back story: The girls have been playing with a small flashlight. You would be amazed by the countless hours of entertainment a tiny flashlight can provide. Well, hours of fun until the almost 2 year old grabs it and is set on smacking her big sister in the head with it. I caught her mid swing and must have scared her half to death with the scream of NOOOOOOOO! Arabel was was definitely upset by the situation, but I can bet she won't be swinging objects at her sister's head anytime soon.