Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have figured out an easy way to get our massive number of pictures to the masses!! On the sidebar there is now a link that features my Flickr account. The sidebar will show the latest 9 pictures that were uploaded. By clicking the VIEW FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM link at the bottom of the pictures, you will be taken to my Flickr photostream. From that point you should be able to see all the pictures available there. This should be easy for everyone to do, including me. :)

I am also very good at uploading pictures to facebook, if you have an account and aren't friends with me yet... please request me!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We are back!!!

We have returned from our trip. :) I have posted pictures on facebook under Alissa's wedding weekend. (If you aren't on my friends list please request me!!) I would post them all here but the process is tedious and I have a TON! I am also working on uploading pictures to Flickr as well. Just trying to figure out the easiest way for everyone to check out pictures. :) Stick with me, I will figure it out one of these days.

Our trip went off without a hitch. The kids did great on the train and the plane. Emma said she likes the train better because she could walk around. Arabel was unimpressed with the whole thing and slept through her whole 2nd flight. :) We did lots and lots of walking, ate a metric ton of delicious food, took multiple modes of transportation and spent quality time with family. We are already looking into going back to Chicago to spend some more time there. Thank you to Bev & Tom for dinner and lunch.... and for the ride from the airport to the train station. Here is a run down of our trip:

train from East Lansing to Chicago
cab from Union Station to our hotel
walk from hotel to Navy Pier
walk back to hotel from Navy Pier
dinner with Bev at Pizzeria Due
back to the hotel for the night

hire a driver/car for drive to the airport
fly from Chicago to Minneapolis
cab to hotel
Happy Hour with the family

lunch at Punch

hotel shuttle to Minneapolis's light rail station
light rail to airport
airport tram to correct terminal
fly from Minneapolis to O'Hare
picked up by Bev
lunch at SuperDawg
ride to Union Station
train back to East Lansing
picked up by Jason

I am a little tired just looking at the amount of stuff we packed into 4 days.

*side note: we didn't get the house. :( I will keep you updated on any news though.