Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lots o pics

I have been promising pictures, I am always keep my promises. :) Enjoy the onslaught.

Emma & Papa

Bells with her nuggets
Emma trick or treating all by herself. (I was banished to the sidewalk this year.)
Happily trick or treating
Kisses from sissy

Dinner at Zingerman's with my friends Doug, Pat & Savannah (the following pictures were all taken by Savannah):


kisses from Bells
Getting started at rolling the eyes early

Kisses from Em
Just an outfit shot
overwhelming choices
E with the 2 cupcakes Uncle Doug bought her.
Frosting on her nose
Happy kid
Bells with Savannah
Bells looking ADORABLE in her coat
Making a break for it
She is a little bit of an attitude.

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