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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SN-OMG 2011!

We have survived Snowpocolypse, SnowMIgeddon, Sn-OMG... whatever, the kids are calling the blizzard of 2011. We ended up getting just under a foot in the span of about 6 hours. I think the grand total was somewhere in the area of 14-ish inches. Emma was thrilled to learn she had a snow day. *side note: she wouldn't have attended yesterday anyway, due to the nastiness she had. Rob and I spent an hour outside trying to make a dent in the snow piled in the driveway. We ended up giving up and calling a plow company. It was the smartest decision we could have made. The end of the driveway (thanks to the city plows) had piles of snow about 2 1/2 feet deep. Not surprisingly, Emma got another snow day tomorrow. I am sure that many people in the area are stuck with unplowed streets.

I hope everyone else is safe and surviving sn-OMG!

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