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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dentist appointments

The girls had their first dentist appointment this afternoon. Emma is a nervous kid when it comes to things like that, so I was a little nervous for her. Arabel on the other hand is a fearless child, so something told me she would have zero problem. I have been talking to Emma about what was going to happen for a couple days, she was originally going to go first to show Arabel how easy it was. Getting there was a different story. Emma started getting really nervous, Arabel was showing no signs of being nervous so she went first instead. Arabel did wonderful. They said her teeth look great! She ended up getting an exam, cleaning and a fluoride treatment. The hygientist was awesome with both girls. She saw that Emma was really nervous and talked her through everything. Emma was brave enough to get an exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment AND x-rays! Her permanent teeth are just waiting for her baby teeth to fall out, the dentist guessed that it would be anytime now that she starts to get wiggles. Both girls ended up in the no cavities club!

All smiles in their new shades, courtesy of the Valley Dental Spa!

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