Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Carolina on my mind

I decided that it would probably be the smartest to break our road trip post up into two. Here is part 1.

It was storming like crazy in East Lansing on Sunday night/Monday morning. It was pouring down sheets of rain, the wind was whipping and the thunder and lightening never let up. Rob and I actually talked about trying to wait out the storm and push back our departure time. (Which I was totally against. I was running on a total of about an hour of sleep and was exhausted. I was ready to get the car loaded, the girls in and us be on our merry way so I could catch some sleep.) We decided to change our route a bit in hopes to "out run" the storm. The car gets packed and the girls get buckled in (wide awake might I add) and we pull out of the parking lot at 4:03am. We were shooting for a leave time of 4am, so I was more than thrilled that we actually made it. The weather was TERRIBLE. It was nerve wracking to say the least. I managed to drift off just before the Ohio border. We stopped for breakfast around 6 am for breakfast in Ohio. (Did I mention that the girls were still wide awake? No? Well, they were awake as they could possibly be.) The rest of the drive was uneventful. The girls did awesome being in the car so long. Arabel would get crabby, so we would stop and stretch our legs for 20 minutes and get back on the road. We managed to get to the hotel 12 hours and 43 minutes after leaving East Lansing. I think that we did pretty darn good on time considering we had the girls with us.

Monday night meant relaxing after spending the day in the car. We ran to Target to get some water wings and water toy for the girls, got dinner (Chik-Fil-A... which is awesome. It was my first experience and I was a happy girl.) and then hit the pool. The girls were worn out and slept like babies all night.

Tuesday: The girls woke up around 9am and we headed off to Bojangles for breakfast. Rob has been craving a country ham biscuit for ages now. Emma got a bacon and cheese biscuit, I opted for biscuits and gravy. After breakfast we lounged around until we met up with Rob's grandma, aunt and mom at Golden Corral. We got our a/c re-charged because the poor thing couldn't keep up with the hot North Carolina weather. After our short detour to the shop we headed back to the hotel for nap time. Arabel went down for a nap, Rob was working and Emma and I headed to the pool. We were enjoying the perfect afternoon when a storm blew in and sent us back to the room. We hit up Cookout for dinner. (Holy moly, the Cook Out style burger is amazing. A burger with chili, cheese, slaw and mustard is A-OK in my book.) After dinner we just hung around the room and visited with Rob's childhood best friend.

I know that we are planning on dinner with the fam again tomorrow, but that is all that is set in stone so far. I am loving all of the new food I have been eating. :) I will have pictures up soon.

To be continued.

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